LCM: E.Tautz SS16

Expounding the simple vision of mid-century architecture, E.Tautz SS16 was all about clean lines and minimal colours. For SS16, E Tautz added a new chapter to British designers’ book of self infatuation. Patrick Grant used as starting point the Festival of Britain. This was the first Labour government’s attempt to celebrate British technology and design and to promote a feeling of recovery on the centenary of the Great Exhibition following the Second World War.

LCM: Matthew Miller SS16

Matthew Miller’s crumpled take on frayed at the edges workwear will have you eager to do overtime. For SS16, Matthew Miller riffed on that self-imposed modern uniform that millions wear every day – namely, workwear – and made us all wish we worked in an office. Slender models with the blank stare of the desktop drone moved monotonously to Savages’ words: “don’t let the fuckers get you down, don’t let them wonder why you frown”. Wide and double-breasted jackets were worn with cropped pants.